- Anonymous Bitcoin (BTC) Mixer

- You can use Bitcoin Mixer to mix your Bitcoins anonymously on this website.
- To start mixing enter up to 5 receiving (Destination) BTC addresses where you want to receive clean Bitcoins.
- Choose a delay and percentage distribution for each your Bitcoin address.
- Select a random mixer service fee or use the AUTO ADJUST option.
- You can also randomize fee and transactions count for your order for a more secure and anonymous coin mixing result.
- When you are ready to mix your Bitcoins press the "START MIXING BITCOIN" button.
- You will see your order page and BTC Input address to which you have to send your BTC.
- After confirmation of your transaction you will get clean mixed BTC instantly transferred to your Bitcoin address.

Add new Bitcoin (BTC) address


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Fully Anonymous

BitMix will remove any information about your transactions instantly after invalidation of your order (72 hours).

Instant transfer

Bitcoins will be instantly transferred to your Bitcoin address after confirmation of your transaction.

Partner program

Instant Bitcoin payouts for every transaction made by invited user at website.

API for your projects

Append BitMix API to your project and provide your clients with clean mixed Bitcoins.